Here is how you fire your boss in 90 days!


If you a college student strap with school bills, this is for you!

Join the College/Young Professional Program ((Ages 18 to 25)

This your Business Center were you track client and team members for pay!

Initial: USD 24.99  + 1st Month USD 19.99

Due Total USD 44.98  Monthly: USD 19.99


DreamTrips U Membership (Product)

Initial: USD 99.99  + 1st Month USD 29.99

Due Total USD 129.98  Monthly: USD 29.99 (Get for four, pay no more!)


For adults (Ages 26 & up)

Representative Business System (RBS) + Your choice of Standard – Gold – Platinum membership

Initial: USD 99.95  + 1st Month USD 19.99

Due Total USD 119.94  Monthly: USD 19.99


This Membership level provides access to hundreds of memorable trips with travel extras—saving you time and avoiding hassles.

Standard – $99.99 initial Membership fee, plus $29.99 per month Membership fee.

Gold – $199.99 initial Membership fee, plus $54.99 per month Membership fee.

Platinum – $299.99 initial Membership fee, plus $99.99 per month Membership fee.

Once you get four of the same memberships, (Get for four, pay no more!)

  1. It will take more then you to achieve the income level to leave your job!
  2. It will take teamwork, YOU and others working toward a common goal!
  3. Technology has changed the economic status of many people who desire to be financially independent and control their lives.
  4. To capitalize on the technology movement financially, many people are finding opportunities to become wealthy through selling products and services.


$50.00 Commission from your usage

+ $10.00 Commission from other people’s usage $30.00

X 200 Number of people in your team.

$6,000 Monthly income received

X 12

$72,000 Yearly income received


Based on this illustration, would you be interested in getting involved in a network-marketing program as shown above?

I’m sure you would if the opportunity presented itself.

This is the type of opportunity being offered today through network-marketing companies.

This type of income is being realized simply by recruiting and training other people in network ventures as compared to what people are getting paid a salary, working an eight to five job every day.

Under the traditional system, the company will manufacture the products and will provide the services, and then hire a salesman to sell the services to receive a monthly commission and residual check.

This is how the salesman is paid.

If the salesman doesn’t keep his customers, he will not be able to keep generating the monthly income for $500, $10,000 – $40,000 a month or more!

Traditional companies are competing with network marketing companies to keep their customers happy by offering those discounts or checks in the mail to keep them from switching services or products.

The fact is that an independent contractor can receive commission of $10,000 – $40,000 a month or more, plus discounts, bonuses, and residual income based on his efforts and the group volume!

This is what the traditional companies don’t want you to understand, so you will not become involved with network marketing and gain financial independence.

As long as ordinary people don’t understand the financial impact of getting involved with network marketing opportunities to capitalize on the technology movement, larger corporations will continue to control your time and money and reap all the benefits and rewards.

A job cannot produce wealth and it is not design to do so!

A job should be viewed as temporary means of earning money to get seed money to invest in starting your own business!

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