Introduction to Home-Based Business Tax Deductions

Your Plan B

IRS PUB: 587 Business use of your home

Other Items You May Find Useful

Publication 583, Starting a Business and Keeping Records

Congrats in advance on learning about starting your home-based business!

You’re about to unlock over 100 Tax deductions that an employees don’t have access to.

The Top 5 are powerful! See for yourself.

  1. Business use of your home
  2. Business use of personal vehicle
  3. Hire your children into your business (ages 7 to 17)
  4. Deduct 100% of your out of pocket Health-Care-Cost
  5. Business Travel and Entertainment is deductible

The BIG ONE is the fact that Network Marketers, Multi-Level Marketing, or Direct Sales can also deduct many expenses from their homes and daily lives. If any and all of these expenses contribute to the INTENTION OF MAKING A PROFIT, or the success of your home-based business, then they are fully tax deductible!

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